(NON-Grumpy) Terms & Conditions

Gecko Guarantee

All geckos pictured are of the individual animal being sold. The gecko in you see in the photo is EXACTLY the gecko that you will receive. Adult coloration of our geckos is not something that we can guarantee, as that tends to develop and change as they grow.

All of our geckos are fed Pangea or BPZ in a rotating fashion, as well as appropriate sized live feeders unless otherwise noted in their description. Please be sure to have both on hand before receiving your gecko.

Once you receive your animal, please check them carefully. If there are any issues, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY. A gecko can drop it’s tail at any given time for a variety of reasons (shipping is a particularly stressful event) and therefore, tail loss is not covered by our guarantee.

If a gecko loses it’s tail prior to shipping, we will make the buyer aware and offer a full refund.

Every one is healthy and thriving when packaged for shipping or pick up. We guarantee the health of our geckos for 72 hours after purchase. If you have any concerns or questions, please refer to our care sheet first. If the answer cannot be found there, please give us a call immediately so that we can troubleshoot and help remedy any issues before it’s health begins to deteriorate.

In the uncommon event that your gecko is DOA, photo proof will be required before a refund is processed. It is uncommon for such to occur, but if it does – it MUST be reported within 30 minutes of the signature pick up time.

Shipping Information

We ship Monday-Wednesday, through Ship your Reptiles Overnight Priority to your local FedEx hub – temperature permitting, and we do guarantee live arrival of your new gecko. **All nighttime lows and daytime highs must be between 40-80 ensure the safety and well-being of the gecko. This includes the temperatures in your location AND our location – as well as any hubs in between. We will use heat or cold packs as necessary.

The package MUST be picked up on the arranged delivery day or ALL guarantees are VOID! 

Shipping is not included in the purchase price. We have a flat rate shipping fee of $60 that is added upon checkout.

You can also save on shipping by purchasing a gecko before any of the expos we are attending and we will bring it with us for you to pick up. Yes, that’s an option. And no, there is no delivery fee.

Payments Accepted

We accept all major credit & debit cards (and Venmo) through PayPal, as well as cash upon pick up.

We do not accept personal checks or E-checks. At all.

And we do not accept partial payments or offer payment plans unless prearranged for a pick up. 


About those – – You will not be forced to accept “Store Credit” from us, cause well – that’s just stupid.