Who is this Grumpy Gecko Guy?

Well, he happens to be Mike Annunziato.

Mike has been an active breeder in the herp industry for over 25 years. He’s worked with many species in that time, but has focused on New Clendonian crested geckos for the last 20 (or so) years. Gargoyle geckos are also a part of his repertoire, and he has added Chahoua geckos to his collection in the last few years.

He raises and selectively breeds all geckos in house to produce healthy, colorful offspring with great temperament.

And as for the “Grumpy” part, that’s not totally true. His wife, Kim, says he’s not *always* grumpy – just when he doesn’t get to spend enough time in his gecko room.

Not the most tech-savy guy, but boy does he ever know how to breed a gecko!

Mike Annunziato